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Life coaching


Courageous steps to pursue the life you want

Partnering with a life coach allows someone professionally trained to help you overcome any challenges in your path and realize your goals.  Think of it as positive forward momentum with actionable steps towards your goals.  This can mean many addressing relationships, activating self-growth, and resolving conflicts and inner narratives that hold you back in life.

Young Businesswomen


Support through a process and tools to actionable results

Careers are not a straight line, if we depicted this in graph form, it would have continuous peaks and valleys. I’ll guide you as to where you are now and where you want to end up.  You don’t have to know the end result, I’ll help you find the pathways. Once we chart the path, we’ll work on your resume, personal branding, interview skills, networking, and all the components to ensure your professional success.



Learn more about yourself

There are many career assessments available and I’ll help you identify the right one for you. By taking one, you can hone in on skill sets, lifestyle desires, culture fits and unearth many new roles and industries you might not have considered. This can be exceedingly revealing and directive for your career trajectory.

Continued support for professional development


As a leader, you want to keep evolving with best business practices and personnel management for today’s ever-changing business landscape. You need a sounding board and guidance to achieve individual greatness. Executive coaching is the answer to one’s continued quest for personal growth which trickles down to professional team success.




Streamlined information and knowledge for your community

Your organization needs a workshop to increase productivity or create new communication strategies. We can help you develop a tailored interactive session to allow your employees/members to advance on curated topics such as Personal Branding, Networking, Salary Negotiation, Communication and Relationship Building. 

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