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About Rachel & Jolie

Rachel Newman

B.A. Psychology, CPC, former business owner,

and breast cancer survivor


I understand the challenges of college and juggling the many balls thrown our way. I know what it feels like to travel far from home to go to school and feel a little lost with no one to talk to about important decisions. I understand the ups and downs of the journey through college, choosing a career and moving into adulthood. Life can be difficult; it can be downright overwhelming at times. I know there are moments when you wish you had a "pause" button. Life gets stressful, but everything remains on your plate. Balancing it all can be challenging. That's where I can help. It's my passion to help young women through all of life's challenges and work to find stability in situations teeming with chaos.  

Jolie Brown

B.A. Psychology, MBA, CPC, 

former business owner and parent consultant


We can all use a sounding board for those ripples, speed bumps and pot holes life throws in our way. The journey isn’t always obvious. We're often forced to stop and ask, "What is my next step?" "What career path should I choose?" "Why am I not happy in my life?" "Why do I feel overwhelmed?"  


That’s where I can help. Sometimes you need an ally, a confidant and a strategic plan to get through these “roadblocks” we face during the journey through college. Together, we'll work to achieve equilibrium in your life. I’m here to listen to you, coach you and ensure you are on the right path toward reaching your goals and following your passion in life.

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